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What Does Diamond Certified Mean?

Madden Door is closely identified with the words “Diamond Certified,” but many customers may not understand the meaning of the term.
While being Diamond Certified is certainly prestigious, it’s not just a marketing motto. This certification is an independent designation that Madden Door has earned, through more than four decades of providing Bay Area customers with the highest quality garage doors, repairs and installation.
What Diamond Certified means to our customers: When you deal with Madden Doors, you are guaranteed the highest level of service in the garage door industry. The designation is your assurance that in the rare instances in which a problem arises, we will promptly address your concerns.
If achieving total customer satisfaction involves replacing an entire garage door and operational drive at our cost, that’s what we do. 

How We Get Diamond Certified

The American Ratings Corporation is an independent entity that evaluates all types of companies as a service to consumers. The ARC’s goal is to help people find the best companies in a particular field.
Through a rigorous screening process, the ARC develops a dynamic roster of excellent companies from which consumers can choose. Evaluating and subsequently rating a company goes like this:

  • A company applies to the ARC for the designation.
  • ARC interviews hundreds of random customers of the company that is seeking certification. They follow procedures to verify identities and to make certain the company provided them with actual services and products. ARC asks questions that are designed to elicit truthful opinions about the customer’s experience.
  • Governmental requirements for insurance, bonding and licensing are verified.
  • The applying company must agree to abide by a set of ARC business practices and principles.
  • Using ARC’s rigorous criteria, they tabulate an overall score, and award the Diamond Certified designation to companies scoring 90 or higher out of 100.

In order to guarantee a company maintains its high standards of service, ARC continuously surveys customers and acts as a mediator if disputes occur.

Why Being Diamond Certified is Better Than Online Reviews

While online reviews of products and services are popular, they are subject to manipulation. Many reviews are fake, and unscrupulous companies can solicit good reviews by offering customers special favors.
The American Ratings Company compiles its list of Diamond Certified companies through numerous interviews and continuously updates them. This produces statistically reliable results that are not skewed by a few reviews.
Our customers, in cities like Alameda, Oakland, Pittsburg, Brentwood, El Cerrito and San Pablo, expect and deserve better, and that’s exactly what Madden Door and Son’s Diamond Certified service offers.
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Diamond Certified

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