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The Importance of Maintaining Your Delivery Truck

Maintaining your delivery truck is essential in order to keep your business productive and your drivers safe.
Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s service department provides skilled maintenance for your vehicles, and for you, peace of mind. You and your drivers can be confident knowing your delivery trucks are in the hands of professionals, and that your trucks will be ready to roll when you need them.
Our dealership serves the San Jose metro area and the nearby cities of Fremont and Campbell.

Maintaining Your Delivery Truck Has Many Benefits

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s service department employs skilled mechanics to check your fluid and tire pressure levels, as well as inspecting engines, drive trains and steering systems for wear and tear. We also replace timing belts, spark plugs, brake pads and filters when warranted.
Why are we so thorough? A program of meticulous maintenance benefits your business in several ways:

  • Your vehicle looks professional. A well-maintained delivery truck is a reflection of your company’s high standards and creates a positive impression. A delivery truck with your logo that is stranded on the side of the road sends the wrong message to the public.
  • Improved safety. Routine truck maintenance is essential for the safety of your drivers and other motorists on the road. A driver must be able to maneuver in and out of emergency situations, so regular brake and steering system inspections are key components to any maintenance program.
  • Fewer breakdowns. Disruptions in service caused by mechanical problems are costly. Along with delaying deliveries, your drivers are idled and unproductive. Scheduling maintenance at our dealership when trucks are off the road keeps your vehicles up and running when you most need them.
  • Real savings. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso clients who lease trucks through us or have long-term service contracts save money. Our certified mechanics make certain every delivery truck runs efficiently. Fuel consumption is reduced and costly breakdowns on the job are avoided. 

Our dealership also inspects after-market equipment, such as lift gates, to be sure they operate correctly.
Talk to a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso representative to learn more about a program for maintaining your delivery truck. Visit our dealership at 1505 N. 4th St. in San Jose, or call 408-263-7300 today.
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