Delegate Tasks to Make the Most of Your Time

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Our weekly blog posts usually focus on generating ideas for maximizing your SEO efforts and increasing your presence and visibility around the Internet with tools and strategies like social media, newsletters and researching and implementing targeted keywords on your websites. Such tactics are great for helping you drive traffic to your site and generate revenue but they also take a good deal of time and effort that might be better spent working on your products or with your clients. 

A great way an Internet marketer can take advantage of all the strategies and tactics available to him while maintaining a tight hold on the actual focus of his business is through delegation. Employing and utilizing staff to handle day-to-day administrative and marketing tasks can keep the business end of your business running while you concentrate your efforts on handling clients and creating merchandise. Of course, hiring full-time employees is a cost that many new businesses can’t easily take on. Luckily, it’s not necessary. 

These days there are tons of Internet businesses centered on assisting companies virtually that work on an hourly or even minute-by-minute basis. That way you’re only paying for actual work, not for someone to warm a chair in your office until you have something for him to do. From scheduling appointments to organizing your databases to researching keywords and phrases for your website, assistants – virtual or otherwise – can take care of a lot of the menial but necessary tasks that are integral to running a business. 

Whether it’s designing and launching your website, writing and posting articles, or simply checking your email and deleting spam for you, office support employees can help you wisely leverage your time so that they essentially pay for themselves. Sure, you might be willing to sacrifice all of your time and energy to handle every aspect of your business … but why would you want to?

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