How Content Marketing is Changing – for the Better

Things can’t improve if they stay the same, so we must always be ready for the next step. In online marketing, this concept applies more times than not. A new idea comes along and it continues to evolve as we learn more about how it works and benefits businesses. A few short years ago, content marketing had loosely defined boundaries. Companies were able to create what they wanted and have it be considered acceptable. In fact, a little over five years ago, many companies didn’t even have a blog! Today, content marketing has clearly defined standards and must meet a high level of quality to be considered relevant.

As we move into 2015, content marketing will continue to change – so be ready. Here are some things to look forward to, or at least look for!

Content Aligned with the Customer Journey

More marketers are working on aligning their content to meet the various stages of the buyer’s journey. Typically, the journey starts with a need to solve a particular problem. The user searches for a solution, so it’s important to have content that is aligned with these pain points. This content can be generic, with a mention of your product or service at the end. You want to be viewed as an authoritative voice, not overly salesy or pushy (at this point).

More specific content can then be created to align with the rest of the journey, such as comparing products, exploring features and finally making a purchase. The content will get more specific and include a deeper understanding of the buyer’s needs. The goal is to attract a target audience and keep them focused on the path to purchase.

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Content Will be Measured for Effectiveness

It’s great for brands to create content that is designed specifically for the buyer’s journey, but they need to measure its impact. Is the content effective at pushing people to the next stage of the buyer journey? Expect more marketers to take the necessary steps to measure the impact that targeted, specific content has on moving customers through the buying funnel.

What isn’t effective will be modified to better fit the customer’s needs. This will involve a strong understanding of the target audience, their pain points, desires and the unique challenges they face throughout the buying phase.

Content will change in many ways in the coming years, and this is just the beginning of how it will do so. This is a great place to start when generating content for your own company, as this is the type of information that offers real value and meaning for your customers. More importantly, it will lead to increased traffic, leads, conversions and sales.

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