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Contemporary Garage Doors Can Make Your Home Pop!

To see for yourself how contemporary garage doors could make your home stand out, stroll through Madden Door’s showroom in Martinez.
You’ll immediately realize that garage doors are no longer strictly functional, meant simply to hide vehicles and stored items from the view of passersby. An amazing variety of garage door styles and colors is on display in the Madden showroom.
Stylish contemporary garage doors can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. Two- and three-car doors often take up most of a house’s frontage – why not use their prominence as a focal point by installing a customized garage door that accentuates the overall style of your home?

We Custom-Design Stylish Contemporary Garage Doors

Manufacturers such as Wayne Dalton offer a multitude of new designs for contemporary garage doors. You can Raynor ASPEN 200 with contemporary glass mixed arrangementachieve a one-of-a-kind door through skillful coordination of these elements:

  • Consider your landscaping, the color of nearby homes, and whether you want your doors to stand out or blend in when choosing colors. 
  • Garage doors made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or composite materials are all durable, but vary in price. Doors made of treated wood add rustic beauty but require some maintenance.
  • Windows present a great opportunity for creativity. We can put windows of virtually any size into your door. There are even doors available that are made entirely of windows. 
  • Pulls, latches, hinges, decorative grills and other hardware pieces are relatively inexpensive upgrades that really dress up the look of a garage door. Most homeowners try to match hardware styles found on the rest of the house. 
  • With a wide array of textures and patterns available, you no longer need to settle for the simple raised panels of yesterday’s garage door. 

We Welcome Installation Challenges

If your garage door is odd-sized, needs reframing or offers little overhead space for the counterbalance system and opener, Madden Door is the contractor to call. We specialize in difficult installations, at prices that are more affordable than you think.
The professionals at Madden can help you make a statement with your new garage doors. Call 925-357-9781 to learn more about contemporary garage doors that make your home pop, or visit our Martinez warehouse at 4300 Arthur Road.
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