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Concrete Patio Ideas

Check Out Our Concrete Patio Ideas

American Asphalt has affordable concrete patio ideas for commercial property owners who want to expand their useable spaces and bring the comfort of indoors to the outside.
A concrete patio is a desirable amenity when your business is trying to attract tenants or customers, or if you are looking to create an inviting outdoor area in which people can enjoy California’s year-round mild climate.
Concrete is a favorite surface for patios in the U.S. Compared to a wood deck, for example, concrete patios last much longer and need virtually no maintenance. Wood weathers quickly. Even with frequent applications of sealer, wood decks begin to look tired after a couple of years and should be replaced every five years or so.
Our concrete patio ideas can give you the appearance of brick, stone, or tile, yet cost far less to install. A well-designed concrete patio with popular amenities adds to the value of your property, too.

We Offer Customized Concrete Patios

Installing a concrete patio can transform an underused area of your property into a charming space that attracts people to share conversation, a meal or drink, or relax during or after a busy day.
Do you have a concrete patio idea in mind? The options are numerous. American Asphalt offers these concrete patio suggestions to spark your imagination:

  • Expansive patios are ideal for entertaining large gatherings. In California, a trend is to divide a large patio into several outdoor spaces. Each area has a purpose, such as dining, drinking, casual seating, or even performances. American Asphalt works with fellow contractors to provide various hardscape options such as outdoor kitchens or bars, fireplaces, water features, or planters.
  • Intimate patios enable tenants, employees, or customers to have lunch or take a coffee break outside, in a private setting. Half walls provide seating without chairs. An overhang covering all or a portion of the space can shade patio users from the sun.
  • At poolside, American Asphalt can upgrade tired, cracked pavement surrounding your pool with a slip-resistant surface.

If the terrain on your property is hilly or sloped, installing a concrete patio is still possible. We can build your patio on several levels to give it a distinctive appearance.

Stamping Customizes Any Concrete Patio

Concrete stamping allows for a wide range of patio design possibilities. Our skilled professionals can give your patio the appearance of quaint cobblestone at a price far lower than real cobblestone. Stamping also can give your patio the look of tile or natural stone.
We can further customize your new patio using special texturing techniques and applying dye to the concrete before it hardens. American Asphalt offers many texture and color choices to create a one-of-a-kind patio.

Call American Asphalt for More Ideas for Concrete Patios

American Asphalt is a leading Bay Area paving contractor with a team of experienced employees committed to giving our clients outstanding service in every phase of a project.
An American Asphalt expert can help you with creative concrete patio ideas that will become a centerpiece of your property. Call 800-541-5559 today to speak to one of our professionals.
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