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Concepts in Video Game Packaging

The video game industry is a fast-growing market that engages millions of people. As the market continues to diversify, so do the concepts for video game packaging. There is a growing need to create unique and engaging marketing and promotional materials to help your video game stand out from the crowd. Pacific Color Graphics can help you expand your video game packaging beyond the box and grab the attention of consumers.

Our experts start by looking at your customers buying habits and the influences surrounding their buying patterns. They will work with you to build marketing concepts that not only incorporate your characters and theme, but also elicit the right emotional response from the consumer.

We create a variety of video game promotional materials

At Pacific Color Graphics we can not only build smart packaging designs for your video game, but we also have lots of experience in all aspects of marketing and promotion. There are many ways of promoting your video game that you may not have realized. We are experts in building customized:

  • Complete point of sale branding that uses point of purchase displays, standees, posters, window banners, counter signs and cards to engage with consumers in-store.
  • Outdoor advertising that includes car and vehicle wraps, billboards and arena banners.
  • Email marketing that will target consumers at home

We are your one-stop shop for building influential and appealing marketing materials. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating promotional material that targets powerful emotions from your target market and makes them feel what you want them to feel, whether it be excited, dangerous, in-charge, creative or relaxed!

Choose Pacific Color Graphics for your product

We are professionals who know how to create marketing material that will stick in the minds of consumers. If you want the best in the packaging business, choose Pacific Color Graphics!

We will help you to understand the concepts of video game packaging and how to target your consumers through promotional material; its what Pacific Color Graphics does best. Call us today at 888-551-1482 or click here to request a quote from one of our packaging experts.

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