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Commercial Truck Repairs And Maintenance

The Value of Commercial Truck Repairs and Maintenance

Commercial Truck Repairs And Maintenance Well-run trucking firms and independent contractors understand the value of commercial truck repairs and maintenance performed by a reputable service department.
For more than 50 years, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has stood out from other dealers and repair shops because of the stellar service department. Our professional truck mechanics keep their clients’ vehicles on the road and generating revenue with expert preventive maintenance that includes oil changes, fluid replacement, and tire inspection. We proudly service small to large-scale businesses.
When occasional breakdowns or collisions occur, our service department fixes your vehicle quickly. With 22 bays and an extensive inventory of parts, our dealership can make most repairs in one day.
When it comes to avoiding breakdowns, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso recommends a program of routine maintenance because of these benefits:

  • Reduced costs. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance is far cheaper and less disruptive than reacting to an unexpected vehicle breakdown. Consider the cost of periodic oil changes vs. replacing a blown engine. 
  • Greater fuel economy. A well-tuned engine and tires that are in alignment and adequately inflated help reduce fuel consumption. Monthly fuel savings can be substantial for a sizable fleet. Driving habits play a prominent role in fuel economy as well. Avoid jackrabbit starts and long periods of idling.
  • Safer vehicles. Your drivers can hit the road with confidence, knowing their recently inspected truck will perform as it should. When essential components of a vehicle – tires, engine, transmission – are in good working shape, you lessen the chances of breakdowns or even disastrous collisions.
  • Less downtime. Vehicles in the shop cost your company time and money. Preventive maintenance keeps your work schedule intact and your trucks producing revenue.


How Often Should Trucks Be Serviced?

The frequency of maintenance depends on several factors, including the type of trucks you drive, the delivery routes, the number of hours an engine operates per month, and total mileage. For example, trucks driven over rural or mountain roads may require servicing more often.
Your Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso technician takes these factors into account to customize a service plan for your trucks.

We Perform Rebuilds, Opacity Testing, and Warranty Work

Among the services our dealership offers:

  • Department of Transportation inspections.
  • Opacity testing to check for vehicle emissions.
  • Rebuilds of transmissions, engines, and rear ends.
  • Installation of ramps and lift gates.

We are also a warranty station for Maxon, Interlift, and Palfinger liftgates; Marathon, Morgan, and Supreme truck bodies; and Todco doors and ramps.

Talk to Us About Commercial Truck Repairs and Maintenance

When you need commercial truck repairs and maintenance, depend on a reputable family-owned dealership that has done business in the Bay Area for more than 50 years.
If you want to learn more about commercial truck repairs and maintenance from one of the Bay Area’s leading truck dealerships, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso, call 408-263-7300 today.
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