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Overcoming Challenges in Business-To-Business Direct Marketing

Companies face tough challenges in business-to-business direct marketing.
As many businesses successfully embrace trendier inbound marketing, direct marketing is often derided as a “hard-sell” invasive tactic. Critics also contend that direct marketing messages are frequently ignored by those who are overwhelmed with information.
However, a creative approach can overcome these difficulties. A skillfully handled B2B direct marketing strategy enables your company to rise above competitors who are limited by inbound-marketing tunnel vision.
In the hands of pros such as Pacific Color Graphics, business-to-business direct marketing can be an effective method to increase your sales.

A Fresh Approach to B2B Direct Marketing

Inbound marketing is largely web-based, and attempts to raise the awareness of potential clients by providing information through blogs, social media and search-engine optimization. Direct marketing is more pro-active, using traditional means such as ads or telemarketing to gain the attention of your target audience.
For companies that do business with other companies, Pacific Color Graphics suggests blending inbound and direct methods to bring renewed clout to any marketing campaign. Our reasoning:

  • Quality leads are the key to virtually any marketing effort. To generate them, take a page from the inbound marketing playbook – invest in internet tools such as landing pages and customer relationship management technology. The data should produce lists of potential customers who want to buy, but haven’t taken action. Rather than consider marketing messages from your company to be “invasive,” those prospects will likely welcome them.
  • Traditional methods of engaging those leads work. Direct mail and promotional items, for example, stand out precisely because they not Prospects who are inundated with emails will notice a well-executed card or small gift in the mail. Direct mail often produces high response rates. It’s particularly useful for B2B marketing because office mail is reviewed more thoroughly than residential mail.

Inbound marketing is here to stay; but businesses should include direct marketing as an integral aspect of their strategy. With its relatively low cost and appeal to businesses that appreciate a more personalized approach, direct marketing is as relevant as ever.
Learn more about overcoming the challenges of B2B direct marketing – call 888-551-1482 today or contact us online to speak to a Pacific Color Graphics professional.
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