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How To Choose The Right Cargo Van To Buy Or Lease

Choosing the right cargo van, and whether to buy or lease is a decision that depends on the needs of your business.
Independent truckers may seek to lease mid-size cargo vans for a short time during their busy season. Corporations with their own fleets may prefer to purchase the largest cargo vans they can find as a long-term investment.
Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso professionals serve transportation companies throughout the Bay Area. We understand that the requirements of one company may be quite different from those of another company.
We can help you choose the right cargo van to buy or lease.

Selecting A Cargo Van For All Your Needs

Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso keeps a sizable inventory of cargo vans on the dealership premises, but customers are not limited to what we have in stock. We’re typically able to find a cargo van that suits your needs from our transportation connections in the Bay Area.
Keep in mind these factors in deciding the type of cargo van you wish to lease or purchase: 

  • Consider which options could make life easier for you or your drivers. A CD player is nice for long-distance trips. Power mirrors are a great convenience. Reversing cameras may even prevent an accident.
  • Each trucking business must decide which size cargo van offers the greatest value. A van with a large payload capacity may be able to carry a lot of cargo, but also requires more fuel. Larger vans are also more difficult to maneuver, an important factor to consider if drivers are inexperienced or must deal with urban traffic.
  • With so many variables affecting the price of a cargo van, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso recommends discussing your options with one of our professionals. We can help you decide which cargo van is your best choice and the benefits of either leasing or buying. 

Since 1967, our San Jose truck dealership has served the metro area and the nearby cities of Fremont, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale.
If your business is looking to buy a cargo van in the San Jose area, Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso can help. Visit our dealership at 1505 N. 4th St. in San Jose, or call 408-263-7300 today.
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