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Box Trucks With Maxon Lift Gates

We Offer Box Trucks with Maxon Lift Gates

A box truck with a Maxon lift gate provides your Bay Area trucking company with the ultimate in convenience, at a small price.
Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso sells and rents box trucks with Maxon lift gates that can handle up to 6,000 pounds. The truck you choose for your transportation business may come equipped with this hard-working lift gate, or our service team can install one before it leaves our lot.
Here are a few reasons why Maxon lift gates are among the most popular options we provide to clients:

  • Cost savings. Lift gates enable a single person to deliver a large, heavy load efficiently. There’s no need to send several employees along on deliveries to assist in unloading or reloading.
  • A lift gate does almost all the work, reducing the risk of employee injuries such as a strained back.
  • Space savings. Ramps take up space and can make unloading difficult or even impossible in tight places. It’s possible to use a hard-working, compact lift gate virtually anywhere. 
  • Simple operation. Anyone can operate a Maxon lift gate, which features a handheld remote control. A brief demonstration is all it takes for your employee to understand how it works. 
  • A lift gate is a great solution when delivering stock to a destination that has no loading docks and forklifts aren’t available. 
  • Maxon is a leading manufacturer of quality lift gates. The founder of the company, Max Lugash, invented the first lift gate in the 1950s. Today, Maxon products are in demand by trucking firms because they are reliable.

Call Us to Learn More About Box Trucks with Maxon Lift Gates

Lift gates are ideal for Bay Area companies that haul a wide range of cargo. Check out our selection of box trucks with lift gates at our San Jose truck dealership. If you already own a box truck but want to add a lift gate, our dealership’s service department is ready to help with installation.
Let us show you how affordable and practical a box truck with Maxon lift gate can be. Contact a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso professional today. Visit our San Jose dealership or call 408-263-7300.

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