Blogging for Business

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A great, easy way to market your online business is through creating and maintaining a blog. Stay current with your clients, establish your expertise in your market and develop an ongoing conversation around your topic of choice. With a blog, you can drive traffic to your main website, generate interest in your company, increase revenue and provide added value to your customer base. 

Not just for online journaling anymore, blogs are now authentic marketing tools that have the capability to create an entire community of people around your ideas and submissions. Initially you might be overwhelmed by the thought of having to regularly update posts, but it’s a lot simpler than you might think. Because of their informal nature, blog posts can consist of anything you choose. Upload links to interesting YouTube videos, share tips or how-to articles, or other information that is relevant to your customers. 

What’s more, writing a blog humanizes your business so that you become more than just a website. You can inject your own personality so that your clients think of you the person, not just the company. Use your blog to link back to your website to create more click-thru traffic and inspire your readers to use your services. Communicate with an online community of folks through the comments feature and position yourself as the go-to source for information on your topic. 

Be sure to contribute relevant content, update regularly and participate in the ongoing discussion by replying to comments. When you’re on other blogs, make comments there as well with links back to your posts to inspire even more community and draw increased traffic flow. Once you’ve established a loyal fan base, you can even expand your blog to include advertising, creating yet another revenue source for you and your business.



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