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The Best Study Habits for Junior High Students

Students who develop good study habits in middle school are well prepared for the tough school assignments that await them in high school and college.
It’s up to you to instill in your children the basic study habits that promote discipline and enable them to remain competitive with their hard-working classmates. This list of the best study habits for junior high students is the foundation for future academic success:

  • Establish an area to study. Young people often try to study in front of the television, or in noisy, bustling places such as coffee shops. A quiet area – maybe a bedroom corner – makes it much easier for your student to concentrate on lessons by keeping distractions to a minimum.
  • Limit cellphone use. Ever-present smart phones are a major obstacle to maintaining effective study habits. If your child has trouble resisting the urge to talk, text, or use social media, you should introduce a strict “no-phone” policy until the day’s assignments are done.
  • Plan ahead. Prepare for the entire semester by charting the schedule of assignments and tests. By following the chart, students avoid last-minute cramming and missed deadlines.
  • Work at reading. Summarizing reading material with notes or outlines discourages skimming and reinforces important topics. Highlighting passages also helps.
  • Benefit from groups. Small study groups enable students to accomplish more than if they study alone. Students can help each other understand concepts and provide encouragement.

The Single Best Study Habit: Stay Organized

A child that stays organized will maintain strong study habits throughout the school year.
The faculty at Alsion Montessori Middle School recommends students create ‘to-do’ lists that also include their extracurricular activities and even non-school appointments and obligations. Review the list with your child every day and keep it updated.
Lists are good motivators. Students achieve a feeling of accomplishment when they are able to cross off items that have been completed.
A confident, well-organized junior high student is more likely to earn high marks, even with a curriculum as challenging as that of Alsion Montessori Middle School. Learn more about our private middle school in Fremont. Call 510-445-1127 today to schedule a visit to our campus.
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