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Getting a new product off the ground is a tough enough job without needing to worry about the capabilities of manufacturers too. Once the engineers have put in all the work, the build quality of your prototype should ideally match the final, shippable product. That’s why joining forces early with a company that offers complete…

What To Do About Bad Online Reviews For Your Business

Let’s face it, online reviews of your business by its customers are part and parcel of running a business in the digital age. Many of us check online reviews of businesses, especially restaurants or personal services firms like hair salons, before we try them out. A negative review can affect whether a consumer will seek…

Is Your Irrigation System Up to Date? Maybe it’s Time for an Irrigation Renovation

Water is the most important natural resource we have and its important that your irrigation system isn’t wasting a drop. Because of seasonal drought conditions in the Bay Area, Gachina Landscape Management experts are focused on upgrading your irrigation systems to help you maximize water savings while minimizing water usage. By ensuring that your irrigation systems are…

What are Featured Snippets and Why do they Matter?

What are Featured Snippets and Why do they Matter? Have you been hearing about featured snippets lately? Featured snippets are quick summary responses to a user’s query. They are generated by Google from the content available in specific search results. If Google finds content on one of your pages that is “rich in data” and…


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