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Asphalt Parking Lot Installation

Asphalt Parking Lot Installation – How Long Before You Can Drive on It?

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A common question our clients ask regarding asphalt parking lot installation: How long before you can drive on it?
At American Asphalt, we understand that businesses want to minimize the disruption of replacing an aging parking lot with brand-new pavement. Fortunately, asphalt cures fast. It becomes driver-ready sooner than concrete, which takes a few days to harden. After installing asphalt, we generally recommend waiting at least until the morning after completion before allowing vehicles on it.
However, projects differ. The length of time your lot should be off-limits to vehicles depends on factors such as the weather and ground temperatures.
New asphalt cures fast when temperatures are chilly, and conditions are windy. American Asphalt crews try to install asphalt surfaces when winds are still, and temperatures allow for curing at just the right pace – not too quickly, not too slowly.
To be certain moving vehicles don’t damage your new asphalt lot, it’s best to wait two to three days before driving on it.
American Asphalt often replaces curbs and sidewalks as part of parking lot projects. Even though pedestrian traffic is less punishing to asphalt surfaces then vehicles, we still recommend waiting a full day before letting people walk on new asphalt sidewalks.

Notes on Repairing and Sealing Asphalt

Many of our clients must decide whether it’s better to install a new asphalt surface or repair the existing one.
When determining repairs versus replacement, an American Asphalt professional considers the overall condition of your lot or driveway and the cost. We often recommend repairs as a cost-effective alternative when cracks or potholes are isolated, and the surface still looks relatively new.
Sealcoating is another option that keeps asphalt surfaces looking great and extends the life of your driveway or parking lot. American Asphalt recommends clients hold off applying a sealer until at least six months after installation of a new asphalt surface.
American Asphalt is a full-service paving contractor for cities throughout the Bay Area, including Walnut Creek, San Jose, and Santa Clara.

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American Asphalt can answer all your questions about asphalt parking lot installation, including how long before you can drive on it? To learn more, call 800-541-5559 today.
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