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Asphalt Maintenance in the Summer

Why Asphalt Maintenance in the Summer is Essential

You probably understand the consequences of failing to protect your skin from the summer sun. As your skin relies on sunblock for protection, so too does the asphalt on your commercial driveway or parking lot. Despite its durable façade, your asphalt can still be damaged by the heat and UV radiation of the hot summer sun without sealcoating protection. You can rely on this asphalt maintenance service to safeguard it against damage.

Too Hot to Handle: The Repercussions of Neglected Asphalt Maintenance

The dark surface of your pavement makes it more susceptible to damage from constant sun exposure and heat buildup. As the temperature of your asphalt rises, it becomes softer and more vulnerable to damage like gouges and potholes. These conditions also make it easy for paint to lift from the surface of your carefully marked parking lot. As time passes, the internal structure of your parking lot or driveway will break down, and simple maintenance will no longer be enough.

Preserving Your Asphalt with Preventive Maintenance

Because we know preventive asphalt maintenance will ensure your driveway or parking lot withstands the abuse of the summer sun, American Asphalt offers the following services to help you increase the lifespan of your pavement:   

  • Asphalt Sealing
    Like using sunblock on your skin, our sealcoating services reduce UV penetration into your parking lot or driveway asphalt, preventing heat buildup and subsequent damage. When we apply it over pothole repairs and cracks, it provides a smooth, uniform, watertight surface that offers protection against weather, oxidation, and erosion.
  • Crack and Pothole Repair
    Our comprehensive asphalt repair services reduce surface aging, prevent small problems from turning into larger ones, and help you extend the life of your lot.
  • ADA Compliant Striping
    We provide precise ADA compliant striping to combat the fading that will occur to your high-traffic, sun-soaked parking lot over time.

Avoid feeling the heat of extensive asphalt repairs. Contact us at 800-541-5559 to schedule summer asphalt maintenance with American Asphalt today.   

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