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Are Your Emails Mobile Friendly?

Are Your Emails Mobile Friendly?

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More emails are opened on mobile devices than desktops. What this means is that more of your customers are accessing their emails from their smartphone or tablet rather than a PC. If your emails aren’t optimized for mobile devices, your customers are going to get less of an experience. The emails may not load quickly, may require a lot of zooming in and out or may have illegible font. Whatever the case, emails that aren’t mobile friendly are going to leave recipients unimpressed.
Where are Emails Being Opened?
To better understand the importance of mobile-friendly emails, Movable Ink published a study conducted in Q2 2015. According to the report, 67.8% of all emails sent were opened on a mobile device. While these numbers represent both smartphones and tablets, smartphones accounted for over 50% of devices. Only 32.2% of emails were opened on a desktop.
The numbers aren’t hard to understand and remind us that there is absolutely no reason why your emails shouldn’t be mobile friendly at this point. Luckily, creating optimized email campaigns is fairly easy. But there is more to consider. For instance, are people reading your emails? And if so, where are they reading them from?
Where are Emails Being Read?
Movable Ink measured engagement rates and found that only 39.5% of desktop users spend more than 15 seconds looking at an email. This means that the majority are quickly opening emails and deleting them. Kindle Fire users do a bit better. Fifty-seven percent spend 15+ seconds on their emails, but a staggering 42.2% of iPhone users spend 3 seconds or less on their emails.
What we can assume from these findings is that users have different attention spans. If they’re seated with their Kindle Fire in the mood to read, they’re more likely to read your email. Same as when they’re seated in front of their PC with a cup of coffee in hand. But iPhone users, who are probably catching your email during their morning commute or lunch break, have far less time to give.
Where are Customers Converting?
Finally, Movable Ink looked at conversion rates and on what devices they are more likely to happen. Nearly 53% of conversions take place on desktops. The best performing mobile device is the iPhone, but it still only racks in an 18.7% conversion rate, which is much lower than desktop conversions. There are a couple of reasons why conversions may be lower on mobile devices. One is that while the email may be optimized for mobile, the final destination is not. Two, many people still feel most comfortable completing transactions on their desktop.
To sum it all up, make sure that your emails are mobile friendly, built for the short, on-the-go user and has a complete experience.
Are your emails not converting? WSI Net Advantage will be happy to help you figure out why! Give us a call today at 510-687-9737 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you!
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