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Are Branded Urinal Targets Popular?

Urinal targets have been around since the 1970s, though they have never really taken off as a widely popular product. They were first invented as a method to potty train young boys and help them with their aim while peeing. The idea of manufacturing branded urinal targets is an even newer idea that hasn’t seen a surge in popularity – yet.

Pacific Color Graphics has stepped into the game of branded urinal targets and we think it is a very clever way to advertise to your consumer. You might already have ads placed in restrooms, so why not create advertising that will entertain the consumer while they look at it?

We provide custom digital printing, packaging, promotional products and more for our clients in the Bay Area. We have years of experience in helping our clients create branding that sticks with the consumer and we want to help you target your customers.

Are There Limits To Branded Urinal Targets?

As with many of our printing and packaging designs, the creative limit is up to you. You can use your product logo, or you can go crazy. Bright colors against the white of a urinal is sure to grab attention, but keep in mind that color can affect perception of a brand. Red makes people feel excited, while blue calms them down. The colors you choose should align with your brand.

Material is what’s most important for urinal targets. It must be able to stand up to damp conditions, as it will be wet most of the time. You don’t want consumers to see a wilted, bedraggled ad when they go to the restroom.

Pacific Color Has Creative Ideas

While branded urinal targets might not be a ‘thing’ yet, it is a brilliant way to advertise your product to consumers in a fun and surprising way. They’re going to remember something like a urinal target advertisement because its not something you see everyday. So, we recommend getting in on it early so you can still catch people by surprise!

Pacific Color Graphics can help you to create a fun branded urinal target in any design you want. Click here to visit our website and get in contact with one of our branding experts or call us today at 888-551-1482.

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