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Consider The Advantages Of Cargo Van Leasing

Are profit margins tight this quarter? Trucking enterprises looking to improve financial performance should consider the advantages of cargo van leasing from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso of San Jose.
Our dealership often recommends leasing to customers as a cost-effective alternative to buying vehicles outright. While circumstances for each business vary depending on cash flow, credit status, and long-term needs, cargo van leasing offers advantages such as these:

  • Fulfill your short-term needs, affordably. Leasing is ideal for trucking firms that experience seasonal fluctuations in demand. In most cases, we can structure your contract so that you are able to return a leased vehicle when you no longer need it.
  • Monthly payments are less expensive than financing. Payments on a lease contract are typically much lower than monthly payments on a loan. Saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month significantly affects your cash flow, particularly for small or independent truckers. 
  • Potential tax benefits. Depending on the terms of the contract, your company could realize tax savings by leasing trucks.

Advantages of Cargo Van Leasing from Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso

The team at Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso understands that local trucking firms in the Bay area including those in San Jose, Fremont, Sunnvyale, Campbell, and Milpitas have many options when it comes to leasing vehicles. However, we believe leasing through our dealership offers certain advantages other outlets can’t match:

  • We’re experienced. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso has a special relationship with the local trucking community. With more than 40 years of serving Bay area transportation companies, we’ve collaborated with many local enterprises to keep their vehicles on the road and generating revenue year after year. 
  • We offer quality cargo vans. Our huge inventory of Mitsubishi cargo vans, on-site and off-site, provides plenty of choices for any trucking business. Cargo vans, with their nimble handling, comfortable cabins, and fuel economy, are well suited for delivery of moderate-sized loads. 
  • A top-notch service department. Repairs and routine maintenance are an important aspect of any lease agreement. Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso’s truck service department has 19 bays and a well-earned reputation for professionalism. We fix all makes and models, not just Mitsubishi.

Learn more about the advantages of cargo van leasing through our San Jose truck dealership. Call 408-263-7300 today to schedule an appointment with a Diamond Mitsubishi Fuso representative.
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