A List of To-Do’s You Should Do

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Marketing an Internet business requires some tricky maneuvering. It’s important to understand and implement the basics of search engine optimization while understanding that creating a successful online presence is more than using the right keywords and creating spider-friendly websites.  

The purpose of any Internet marketing strategy is to increase your online visibility while augmenting your company’s bank accounts. Your website needs to be at the top of search engine results as well as relevant and useful to your target market. So, how do you make sure that when potential clients search for the service you provide, that it’s your company they go to first? 

Presenting part one of a two-part series on the dos and don’ts of small business marketing. Part one we offer a list of 5 Internet marketing do’s that will increase your online visibility and keep your company and services at the forefront of potential customers’ minds. 

1. Expand your expertise. As an entrepreneur, you have to be well versed on much more than your products and area of expertise. In order to run and maintain a successful business, you need to understand the Internet’s marketing strategies and systems. We’re not suggesting that you have to be an SEO expert per se, but you should learn enough to give yourself a competitive edge. You can start by reading our post Why Search Engine Optimization is Vital to Your Success 

2. Build a better website. Start by taking an objective look at your website in comparison with your top competition’s websites. How does yours rank? If you’re not within the top two or three, it’s time for an upgrade. Try viewing your site through your customer’s eyes. If you were in the market for your product or services, what would you expect to see on a website advertising them. 

3. Cater to your clientele. Always keep your clients in mind when creating your website or developing marketing strategies. As you learn more about SEO techniques, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to follow all of the marketing gurus’ rules and tips. Be sure to write any and all content for your clients first before worrying about, for example, getting the right percentage of keywords in your text. It’s your clients who are going to be paying for your services, not search engine robots.  

4. Remember the robots. Just because we promote keeping your customer first in mind when developing marketing strategies doesn’t mean you cater to them only. Keywords, meta tags, proper link names and so forth are all important elements in creating a spider-friendly site that gets pushed to the top of search engine results. Use web analysis software to learn how search engines view your pages, set goals for increased views, and watch your progress as you achieve them. 

5. Prepare to persevere. You should realize that creating a marketing plan that gets results is not an overnight affair. One of the most important elements in any business’ marketing strategy is patience. It takes time to research and develop strategies that work well and once they’re up and running, you’re still responsible for keeping them current and relevant for an ever changing market. Your customers will grow and develop over time and so should your business. 

Now that you know what to do, go out there and do it. Also, be sure to check back for part two … what not to do.



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