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A Fremont Middle School for Their Future

As a private Fremont middle school conveniently located near several Silicon Valley cities, Alsion Montessori uniquely prepares adolescents for high school, college, and life beyond the classroom.
Our teachers and administrators develop well-rounded, responsible students with a multi-faceted approach that includes:

  • A rigorous curriculum tailored to individual students. Alsion Montessori’s varied middle school curriculum of classroom courses is well-suited to the needs of middle school students who are undergoing physical and emotional changes. Our small class sizes allow teachers to provide one-on-one instruction. Courses in English, mathematics, science, history, social science and foreign language covers a range of challenging concepts over three years. For instance, middle school science topics include physical science, environmental science, and life science. Physical education classes, which include dodgeball, flag football, basketball, and volleyball, are a three-year requirement.
  • Biome trips and other activities. The yearly trip to one of several California biomes is one of the most valuable learning experiences at our Fremont middle school. A biome is the network of animals and plants that occupy a particular habitat. Students learn about the biome’s natural and human history, geology, climate and ecology. Alsion’s biome trips encourage social skills with activities such as hiking, swimming, horseback riding and astronomy. Other extracurricular activities include a Market Day to foster students’ creativity and develop small business ideas, as well as World Savvy, which solicits students’ ideas on solving global problems.
  • A close relationship between faculty and parents. At our Fremont middle school, parents are encouraged to be partners in their child’s education. The Alsion Community Association (ACA) promotes constant engagement among Alsion’s administrators, teachers, and parents. Our Enrichment Talks, seminars on a variety of subjects of interest to parents, are an example of how the ACA supports parents who seek the best possible education for their middle school student.

Our Fremont Middle School is a Short Drive Away

Students from throughout Silicon Valley enroll in our Fremont middle school because of its high academic standards and convenient location. The Alsion Montessori campus is near I-680, in the Mission District of Fremont.
We’re a short drive from Pleasanton, Milpitas, Newark, Dublin, Santa Clara, San Jose, and other Silicon Valley communities. During the school year, a close commute saves Alsion parents hours of drive time and enables them to attend many school functions.
Discover more about our Fremont middle school by scheduling a campus visit. Call 510-445-1127 today.
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