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7 Apps That Middle School Students Will Love

As technology continues to grow and popularize, so too has its use in the classroom. There are hundreds of online apps that are available to students as valuable learning tools. Alsion Montessori Middle School knows that these apps can be of great help to students who have interest in learning outside of school hours.

We want our students to enjoy what they are learning and that is why we believe using apps for lessons is helpful. We know that the while much of curriculum-based learning occurs in classrooms, these apps encourage students to engage in lessons outside of classrooms in a fun way that will stick with them.

We know what tools to use

As a private Fremont area middle school, our teachers are able to work one on one with students to give them personalized care. That’s how we know that sometimes our students need or want help outside of regular classroom time. We have compiled a list of 7 must-have apps for middle school students that can engage both inside and outside classrooms.

1. Quizlet. This app allows students to make digital flashcards as a great way to study for tests and quizzes.

2. Recap. A video app that encourages self-reflection and response to lessons. It’s a way to experience class discussion outside of the classroom.

3. Mathalicious. Includes a massive database of real-world math problems and lessons that aligns with the common core curriculum that our teachers use in class.

4. Duolingo. This is a language learning app that is very popular. It turns language learning into an engaging game for students.

5. Playground Physics. This app tracks real-time motion to allow students to discover and play with physics concepts in a fun and enjoyable way.

6. Grammaropolis. An app that makes learning grammar fun. It utilizes videos, games and quizzes to create entertaining lessons.

7. My Study Life. This time management app is a great help to busy middle schoolers. It can help your student organize study times and set reminders for homework and tests.

Alsion Montessori is the right choice

In the Bay Area, Alsion Montessori is the best option for your middle school aged student. Along with providing exclusive extracurriculars, we make learning fun for our students. That’s why we encourage the use of these 7 must-have apps for middle school students. Call us today at 510-445-1127 or click here to contact us online about how we can improve your child’s education.

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