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The food packaging industry is one of the most dynamic today, thanks to the constant growth it sees both globally and through shifts in cultural and social values surrounding food and food packaging materials. There are many factors that drive food packaging material choices, and Pacific Color Graphics is here to help you understand them.

We are experts in food package design because we understand what drives the packaging material industry. We can help you create the perfect design for your product so it will fly off the shelves, virtual or otherwise. Here are six drivers behind food packaging material choices:

  1. Businesses. Business are constantly changing things up. Mergers, acquisitions, and supply chain integration can all cause shifts in material use. As material prices rise and fall through supply and demand, and new packaging technology is developed, the choices for food packaging material will continue to shift.
  • Health & Safety. A major driver for the food packaging material industry is health and safety. As we continue to update local laws to meet international standards, the quality of material required for food packaging on exported food products continues to change.
  • ‘Green’ Packaging. This has been a great driver of innovation in the food packaging industry. As consumers become more aware of the environmental issues with many packaging materials, they have pushed for more recyclable and ‘green’ materials as well as for smaller packaging.
  • E-commerce. The rise of online shopping has greatly influenced packaging material choices. Materials need to be able to withstand long transit times, with the food perfectly preserved within.
  • Social change. As our society continues to change, so does the way we eat our food. Many consumers prefer easy to open, single-portion packaging, cluster packaging, and packaging that can go straight into the oven or microwave. Convenience has become key in packaging material choices.
  • Cultural differences. Thanks to globalisation and the rise of e-commerce, food products can now ship all over the world. But not every society has the same values when it comes to food packaging. The way you might present a product in one society may be completely different from how its presented in another. The same product now needs multiple designs, and multiple packaging materials.

Choose Pacific Color For Package Design

These were only 6 drivers of food packaging material choices, though there are plenty more. Pacific Color has the expertise to design food packaging using the right material for your market. Call us today at 888-551-1482 or click here to visit our website.

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