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5 Reliable Sources to Inspire Content Ideas

5 Reliable Sources to Inspire Content Ideas

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5 Reliable Sources to Inspire Content Ideas

Content is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your audience. A single piece of content can be shared across multiple channels and reach hundreds to thousands of people. Each individual is able to consume the content on their own time, so you don’t need to interfere with what they’re doing online. When the time is right, prospects will convert, and you can use targeted content to nurture them through the sales funnel.
Coming up with ideas for engaging, compelling content is no easy feat, however. After time, it’s normal to run out of fuel. While you can repurpose old content and update it with new examples, statistics and facts, the better option is to have new topics and ideas to write about. This way, you can target new audiences and display thought leadership.
Here are five sources that can inspire ideas for your content. When you’re feeling stuck, look to these sources for the motivation you need!
1. Industry Events
What types of things are going on in your industry? Are there seminars, workshops or conferences coming up? You can usually find this information in an industry publication or on LinkedIn. Discuss the details of the event, what your customers have to gain by attending and if you will be there (and if so, where to find you!).
If you are attending a trade show or conference, be sure to write about this. Promotions, giveaways and special offers work well for driving traffic to trade booths. You can also incorporate cutting-edge technology into your display. Touch screens, virtual reality and augmented reality promote interest, increase foot traffic and make for great content.
2. Your Data
Data is everywhere. Making sense of it is another story. Fortunately, analytical tools such as Google Analytics lets you understand the data you have. Use your data to identify early trends, popular products, increased spending and more. If you notice that spending on a particular product goes up during certain times of the year, focus on this product and related items at this time.
You can also do your own analyses using data from infographics, articles and others. It’s OK if it’s informal. Your readers are simply looking for trends, so you don’t need a formal study with high-paid researchers to draw simple conclusions. Be sure to follow a reliable, consistent method for gathering data and measuring it. You might even ask other industry experts to weigh in on the findings.
3. Networking
When you’re out networking, you’re doing many valuable things for your business. You’re meeting great people who can enhance your career and also learning new things about your customers. Use these econversations to inspire new content. You may learn a new way to use your product, trends about your industry and up-and-coming products to have on the radar.
Talking with others also allows you to see the pain points your customers deal with. It’s important to tap into pain points because these are the motivations for buying your products. When you fully understand your customers’ frame of minds, you can create better messaging for each persona.
4. Your Customers
Still not sure what content your audience is looking for? Ask them! Take customer polls, conduct surveys or ask open-ended questions that allow you to gather information on your customers. Would they rather see you do a live stream or a YouTube video? If so, what types of questions do they want answered? These are great ways to get the conversation flowing among your customers.
As engagement takes place, be sure that you are an active participant. On social media, answer questions, respond to comments and thank customers for their loyalty. Monitor conversations online so you know what is being said about your brand. If you see favorable posts or images, ask to share them. People love when brands listen and value their loyalty!
5. Seasonal Events
When things get stale, look to your calendar. The seasonal events taking place can generate ideas for content while also allowing you to capitalize on real time events. The winter holidays are most obvious, as brands use this time to run Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. But, the calendar is full of many other holidays – some official, some not. Use them to your advantage.
For example, February is American Heart Month. Many brands use this time to write about heart-healthy vitamins, foods and exercise. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During this time, you’ll see brands incorporating the color pink into their marketing campaigns, donating to breast cancer research and participating in walks. Helping others makes you feel good. But, it also makes for great PR!
The above sources can get the wheels turning for new content, but don’t force them if they aren’t relevant to your brand or your audience. Move onto something else that will be interesting for your readers so that you can use both your time and theirs wisely.
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