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5 Ideas for Cost Effective Landscaping for Estates


There are many ways to reduce maintenance costs without sacrificing the curb appeal of your estate property. A low-maintenance, drought-tolerant garden with a smart irrigation system is one of the most rewarding ways to minimize costs. To achieve this, you need careful planning, an efficient design and skilled installation. Our experts share their top 5 ideas for cost-effective landscaping that estates in the San Jose Area can easily implement.


  1. Be smart about plant selection: Installing native plants that require less water will streamline your landscape maintenance budget. At Petalon, we go a step further by helping you lower landscape watering requirements andreduce cleanup efforts significantly. Ask us which trees and plants require little water and minimal cleanup of leaves, sticks and fruit.
  2. Consider xeriscaping: Create a landscape with attractive native plants and ground cover that survive on available rain water. With drought and the consequent water-use restrictions, xeriscaping is gaining popularity in the Mountain View, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Morgan Hill and Menlo Park areas. It involves creative plantings of drought-resistant vegetation in an aesthetically-pleasing, natural environment.
  3. Opt for water-wise irrigation systems: Struggling to get your water conservation efforts off the ground? Installing rain gauges and master valves with flow meters, upgrading to evapotranspiration-based controllers and converting overhead sprinklers to high-efficiency heads wherever possible, can help kickstart and sustain your efforts. Our recommendations are based on your unique requirements, keeping in mind your property’s soil type and climate in the area.
  4. Invest in a tree care program: Our proactive approach protects the health and beauty of your trees. Selecting the right types and identifying suitable planting locations is a good start. However, regular pruning to manage height, fruit production and growth is equally critical. An annual tree maintenance program overseen by arborists that includes periodic trimming, crown reduction, fertilization, disease and pest-control is more cost-efficient than random services.
  5. Schedule weekly garden maintenance: Weekly tree, plant and lawn care can be less expensive than emergency care. Clear and elegant walks using safe and modern materials are less costly to maintain. We offer a range of options with custom maintenance plans to fit your budget and improve the overall health of your estate landscape.

Count on our estate landscaping services to make your property the envy of the neighborhood.

Estate owners and managers across the San Jose area, including in Mountain View, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Morgan Hill and Menlo Park depend on our comprehensive landscape management services.

Contact us online for a quote or call 408-453-3998 to discuss cost-effective landscaping for estates in the San Jose area.

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