4 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media

How in the world do you stand out on social media when it’s flooded with noise from everyone else?

You may not be a small voice – you may have plenty to say. But that’s very difficult when those around you are demanding attention too. Regardless of how many social networks pop into the mix, the biggest players are Facebook and Twitter, and they’ll probably stay that way for a long time. These are also some of the largest networks, and it’s essential that your brand nabs their spot.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways that you can stand out on social media, amid all the noise.

  1. Don’t be on Social Just to be Social

If you’re only focused on being social, you’re going to lose value fast. Think about what you are offering your audience and how it will help them in their life. People like to be presented with information that benefits them in some way, whether it’s to provide them with a solution, help them make sense of something or just get them to laugh about an experience they went through.

  1. Care About Your Followers

If you’re only active on some days, or you don’t take the time to read through everyone’s comments, you’re coming across as a brand that doesn’t care. This “take it or leave it” attitude will drive customers away from your business and into the hands of more attentive arms (your competitors). Take the time to show your customers that you’re listening to them and making improvements.

  1. Respond to Interactions, Even if They’re Small

It doesn’t matter how insignificant a comment or tweet looks. You should respond to it in some way. When you skip over comments, it makes the person who wrote it feel unimportant, and that may be the last time they post anything on your page. On the other hand, pointing out a simple comment you read prompts the poster to be more interactive. And if you’re ever unsure about what your followers want, ask them. It’s amazing how many people will speak up when prompted with a question, a poll or a request for feedback.

  1. Think on a Visual Level

One of the best ways to stand out on social media is by having a strong visual presence. Many people scroll through their news feeds, keeping an eye out for photos and videos that grab their attention rather than headlines. When possible, take your own photographs. These photos are one-of-a-kind, and you don’t have to follow any licensing restrictions. Use consistent filters, colors, fonts, icons and logos to represent your brand.

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