How to Write Compelling Facebook Ads

Although Facebook ads may only include a few lines of text, they can still be ridiculously hard to write. Unless you pay someone to write the ads for you, then you probably sit there and struggle to create ads of your own. So how can you write compelling Facebook ads that actually get clicks and won’t have you working overtime?

Here are some of the best practices to follow.

Be Clear and Concise

Sure, you want to be engaging and interesting, but Facebook ads are not the place to do this. People’s News Feeds are filled with friends’ photos, posts from the groups they’re in, game requests and so forth, so ad copy that is vague or has to be thought about isn’t going to get a lot of clicks. Use your ads to tell your audience what you have to offer, what it will solve and how they will feel at the end. Done.

Save Fancy Introductions for Later

You don’t need to include your brand name in the ad copy. You’ll have plenty of time for people to get to know your brand later on. Instead, focus on getting people to click rather than trying to sneak your name in. Including a call to action can be helpful here: Click here to download our white paper or Grab your ebook by clicking on this link.

Speak to Your Audience

You don’t need to pay for clicks when people aren’t interested in what you have to offer, so the best approach is to speak directly to your audience so that they are reeled in. This could be with a question or interesting fact that would relate to them. Example: Tired of living in a cluttered home? Does the thought of inviting people over scare you because of the mess? Get your life organized by downloading my free ebook.

Include Emotion

You don’t have to be overdramatic per se, but you do want to evoke some type of emotion in your audience so that they are compelled to click and see how you plan to solve their frustrations. Think about the pain points that your customers typically have and use these to create ad copy. Connecting with your audience in this way gives them the feeling that yes, you DO understand their struggles.

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