Using a Blog to Help Your SEO

Kevin Dean – Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bringing visitors to your website is one of the ways you keep your online business running, and publishing a blog is a terrific way to do just that while increasing the results of your SEO efforts. Using the proper keywords can also help you begin to see results from blogging right away.  

Blogging is easy, even for beginning marketers. You can customize your blog and brand it to match your company logo, colors, website and more. It’s another great tool to keep your business and your products in the forefront of your customer’s mind. 

Of course, providing quality content is key to a good blog—and to your SEO. Use your chosen keywords properly in each post and the search engines will quickly pick them up when someone searches for your product or service. Use your exact keyword/keyword phrase in the title, once in the first sentence and one in the last sentence of each post, then use it or a variation one to three more times, depending on the length of the post. 

Each post should be filled with quality content that will provide information your customers and prospects need. A length of about 300 words is good, you don’t want them much longer than that. And always write as if you’re talking to an actual person, ideally, a customer. Let each post solve a problem, or prevent one, answer an important question, provide news, tips or other information your visitors want. You can include subtle advertising about your products and services, don’t let it distract from the post itself.  

WordPress and Blogger are the two most popular blogging platforms and both provide a variety of free plugins that can improve your blog. Research them and see which one you like best and what you think will work for you and your technical abilities.

Using a blogs to improve your SEO will provide valuable information for your website visitors, build trust for you and your company, and draw your visitors back to your site. Use good SEO strategies, and add to your blog often and you can build a solid online business with this as your main marketing tactic.


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