Internet Marketing Case Studies

What kind of impact can proven Internet Business strategies have on a business?

For some real-world examples of how the Internet can help your business reach more customers and increase sales, have a look at our case studies. We’ve examined several of our clients from various business types and sizes to give you an inside look at how our Internet business solutions improved their businesses.


The Bathroom, Inc.
Campbell, CA

Even if you remodel bathrooms for a living, your search engine marketing investment shouldn’t leave you taking a bath.

A local (San Francisco Bay Area) business in a competitive arena discovered that defined and targeted search engine marketing could drive customers to its site because it had a defined niche. By keeping messaging and search terms tightly defined, WSI Net Advantage in Fremont reduced this client’s competition, and increased the return on marketing investment by helping the provider reach its ideal target market efficiently and cost-effectively – without completely remodeling the marketing budget.

Business Objective: The client, a provider of bathroom remodeling and replacement services, is in a competitive and fragmented marketplace of builders and contractors where differentiation among providers is unclear and choices are confusing to customers. The goal of the company was to increase traffic to the site, and eventually increase business, by optimizing search keyphrases for the local bathroom redesign market.

Our Solution: By narrowing down the market for keyphrases to a specific local geography (Mountain View and the surrounding towns of Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Atherton to name a few cities), WSI’s SEO experts identified specific keyphrases and messages that would narrow the competition on searches for local service providers.

Customers searching for service providers in this niche market are looking for information that is specific to their needs and geographic area. The tighter and simpler the company’s message and the more defined its geographic target market is, the easier it is to craft a successful search engine marketing strategy with successful results. Consequently, WSI helped to create a simple, easy-to-navigate website and to define targeted search terms that ensured the client’s site would surface near the top on a search for local bathroom remodeling contractors.

Results: By working with WSI’s Internet Marketing Consultant, the client:

  • experienced a significant increase (more than double) in website inquiries and in job contracts in a matter of a few months just by being easily “found on the web”
  • reduced its off-line advertising budget with vehicles such as Yellow Pages, newspapers, etc.,
  • and improved the return on investment with search engine optimization without a huge increase in overall marketing spend

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