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WSI is an Internet Marketing and Consulting firm specializing in

  • Search Engine Optimization, Marketing and Placement
  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile Website Development and Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Tools like Email, Directories, Blogs, and More
  • e-Commerce Shopping Carts and Converting Visitors to Customers

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kevin-dean-04-2012-optWSI will develop a specialized Internet Business Strategy for each client, generating results in the form of a measurable return on investment. Utilizing the proprietary Internet Business Analysis, WSI will identify and understand its client’s short- and long-term business needs. Employing WSI’s team of developers and their state-of-the-art worldwide production centers, WSI will transform those needs into cost effective Internet Solutions.
Kevin Dean owns and operates his main officelocated in Fremont, CA, and he boasts of clients throughout the United States. Combining over 30 years of solid business experience, this partnership merges proven leadership skills in Internet marketing, business management, engineering, communications, operations, product development, program management, and customer service. Our broad expertise allows WSI to provide small and medium sized companies with a specialized Internet Business Strategy, which will enhance profitability while reducing costs.

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We are active in the professional community

We recognize the need to build strong business and personal relationships. Therefore, we participate in clubs and organizations to help us build those relationships and stay up to date with the needs of our prospects and clients.

The Professional Source Business to Business Networking Group in Fremont –

The Midpeninsula Professional Alliance – New ideas on Sales and Marketing for Knowledge Workers and Entrepreuneurs –

B2B Power Exchange –

Quarterly Internet Marketing Seminars at Silicon Valley SCORE –

Public and corporate presentations via our Training arm –

Office Depot Web Cafe Entrepreneurial Series – “Search Engine Secrets – How to Get in the Top 10

What is an Internet Consultant?

Think of us as the new breed of business advisors. Like your lawyer, your accountant, your stock broker—each a trusted business partner whose expertise you rely on to succeed—our role is to ensure your business realizes the full profit potential offered by Internet technologies and techniques. In a nutshell, we are specially trained and certified Internet business experts, ready to deliver products and services that best meet your business needs and your budget.

We Show Businesses How to Grow Online

It’s important not to confuse us with “Web Designers” as we don’t simply design websites. We specialize in building customized Internet Business Solutions to help your business generate more revenue and increase your online profitability, no matter what industry you’re in. We understand the needs and motivations of a business owner because we’re business owners ourselves.

Thanks to the trust and support of our customers and our network of over 1500 Internet Consultants serving businesses in 87 countries worldwide, WSI is the #1 Internet Business Services Provider.

Contact us today to discuss the needs of your current website. Over the years WSI has helped thousands of businesses around the world to grow and prosper online and we’re ready to help your business too!

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