Two More SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Kevin Dean – Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recently, we talked about common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid since they can hinder all the hard work you put into your marketing. Here are two more SEO mistakes that will noticeably hinder the success of your SEO marketing and should be avoided as well.

Not Using Meta Tag Data

Using suitable and appropriate Meta tags is extremely important for quality SEO results. Some Meta tags—such as keywords, for example—have become less valuable where web crawlers are concerned, because of their abuse, but they’re still worthwhile if used properly.

Be sure to use a title tag, optimized with good keywords for your site, as well as a Meta description tag that is unique for every page of content on your site, and then your Meta keywords tags to fit your pages. Don’t get carried away with the length of your tags, and don’t use keywords or keyword phrases more than three times each. Also be sure to use only those that are truly applicable for each specific page. Your Meta description tag should be unique for every page, too. Using the same general description is of no value where your SEO efforts are concerned.

Some SEO insiders say the title tag is the most important Meta tag you can use, so be sure to use one on every single page. And make sure it contains applicable keywords for that page, and tells visitors what the page contains. Good Meta tags will make or break your SEO efforts, so use them well and use them wisely for the best results.

Unprofessional Content

You can work for hours tweaking your meta tags, optimizing your images and creating appropriate headers for every page of your site, but unless your pages contain fresh and original content that is optimized to attract your target market, you may as well close down the site and go to work at Wendy’s.

Any aspect of your website content that is loaded with grammatical errors, misspelling, or incomprehensible text can destroy your search engine standings. Ensure your content is as professional as every other portion of your website, or your site will appear amateurish and worthless, which is the last thing you want.

Quality content, suitably optimized with keywords to attract appropriate visitors who are the most likely to buy from you will skyrocket your SEO efforts. And that’s what all this work is for, isn’t it?



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