Top Bathroom Renovation Trends in 2020

Inspiring Designs and Materials for Luxurious Makeovers

Exploring the top bathroom renovation trends in 2020 is an excellent starting point for planning a luxurious bathroom makeover. After all, when you spend thousands of dollars on creating a spa-like bath space, you want a look that lasts through the years, without feeling dated or over-the-top. The bathroom remodeling specialists at Flegel’s stay on top of the latest in bath designs, materials and fixtures, and offer a quick rundown on what’s in, and what’s here to stay.

Latest Designs and Styles for Remodeling Bath Spaces

  • Tubs are making a comeback: In the last few decades, people were doing away with bathtubs in favor of shower stalls. However, tubs are now making a comeback as an architectural feature that boosts the value of your home. Top interior designers favor the deep soaking tubs, such as the space-saving Japanese tub that comes with a bench seat. You can still have room for a stylish shower stall too!
  • Larger tiles are trending: The use of tile creates an interesting design sense in bath spaces, especially for wrapping the tub apron, or in the shower stall. However, subway tile is becoming passé. Instead of scrubbing tiles to keep the grout lines clean, current trends lean towards large-format tiles. Clean lines and minimal grouting offers a more continuous look, and creates an illusion of space, especially for compact bathrooms.
  • Curbless showers are in: In addition to larger sizes, the latest shower stall designs are all about clean, no-obstacle features. For example, curbless showers that do not have any raised thresholds make them easily accessible and safer for seniors and people with limited mobility.
  • Hidden drains are big: Camouflaging drains is a big trend in newer bathrooms. Another idea is to use linear drains that become a design element in themselves. They appear as long, narrow lines in the middle of the shower stall floor, or you can partially tuck them into the wall for greater effect.
  • Sleek, space-saving fixtures are popular: Freestanding or floating vanities, and toilets that are higher, elongated and hung on the wall free up floor space to make your bathroom look bigger. Square sinks provide a contemporary look and feel, while smart storage cabinetry keeps the clutter off the countertops.
  • Toilets with built-in bidets are an option: More manufacturers are introducing toilets with built-in bidets, in response to the aging-in-place requirements of older adults. Not only do they address the issues of limited mobility, they also help minimize the use of toilet paper.
  • Seating is a blessing: For larger bath spaces, adding a seating space is a smart idea. It could be for hair and makeup or general grooming in front of a mirror, or even a built-in bench in the shower stall.
  • Technology takes over bathrooms: While tech features are not necessarily new, they are becoming more popular ideas in bathroom makeovers. Smart shower controls, self-warming, self-cleaning toilet seats, mood-based lighting, are all geared towards conserving water and electricity while enhancing convenience and hygiene.

Hire Trusted Remodeling Contractors for Exceptional Bathroom Makeovers

At Flegel’s Construction Co., we have over two decades of experience in delivering quality bathroom makeovers to your exact specifications and complete satisfaction. Our creative designers strategically create personalized bath spaces that are on-trend, yet classic and timeless. Our master craftsmen ensure timely completion of projects, with top-notch materials, meticulous installations, and impeccable finishes.

Happy customers across the Bay Area vouch for our outstanding workmanship and consistent customer service.

For trending designs and quality bathroom makeovers, hire the experts at Flegel’s Construction. Call 408-269-1101 or contact us online. We can discuss more bathroom renovation trends in 2020 to help you decide what your remodeling project should entail.

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