Tips for Refreshing Your Best Performing Content


It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of generating new content, but updating your existing content can be just as valuable. Plus, it saves time because you don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel.

It’s no secret that Google and web users want the most up-to-date and relevant material, but it doesn’t take long for blog posts and articles to become outdated and less useful. Rather than letting these posts go stale, you can update them with new facts and information.

Once updated, you may redistribute the content on your social media channels or include them in your email newsletters. You don’t need to update all of your content, but just your top performing pieces based on metrics such as traffic, conversions or links.

Let’s take a look at some helpful tips for refreshing your best performing content.

Refresh the Title

A new title can have a dramatic impact on the number of clicks your content receives.

Let’s say that one of your popular blogs was “Best SEO Practices for 2014.” Obviously, 2014 has come and gone, so anyone reading about up-and-coming trends would probably skip over your article. However, it’s likely that you still have a lot of great information in there with trends that are still evolving.

To make your title relevant, you could change it to “Evolving SEO Practices in 2016” or “SEO Trends that Keep Growing.” Just one minor change would bring in new traffic and engagement.

Remove Outdated Information

As you skim through the content, remove anything that is irrelevant or outdated. Replace that content with new information that gives your piece a fresh perspective.

While you may not need to replace everything, it’s important that you keep the content useful and the word count at the right limit. Longer content isn’t always better, but increasing the length on an article that has already gotten a lot of shares and links can have a greater impact.

Review Links, Media and Stats

Double check that all your links work, as broken links can hurt your rankings and make your content look less professional. Verify your facts and figures as well, and check to see if you can update them with more recent statistics. Also replace outdated images with higher quality ones or ones that come directly from your place of work. For example, images with faces tend to increase engagement.

Don’t forget to let readers know that the content was revised or updated, along with the date. Readers like to know that they are getting the most up-to-date information on a subject.

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