Tips for Maintaining the Best Temperature in Your Home: Part 1

Ask any heating and air conditioning contractor about the most effective way to maintain the best temperature indoors, and you’ll hear a simple answer: regular maintenance. It’s a two-pronged effort by you and your trusted heating and cooling contractor. Without air filter changes and professional attention, your HVAC system won’t live up to its energy efficiency rating and dependable operation.

Why Filters Matter

The air filter traps particulates that would otherwise settle on the parts inside the air handler. As it collects dust, the airflow through it starts to slow and it will take the system longer to heat or cool your home. Dirty filters also contribute to premature part failure because of the longer running time and excessive dust that collects in the air handler.

Professional Maintenance Is Crucial

When a HVAC technician goes through your equipment, he cleans and adjusts all the component to bring them up to original factory specifications as much as possible. Without this maintenance, energy bills increase and sudden breakdowns are more likely, leading to heating and A/C repair.

The maintenance check will spot any problems associated with the system, like ductwork leaks that make it difficult to maintain the best temperature throughout your home. Dirty electrical components reduce efficiency and cause dangerous levels of heat to build on or inside them. All gas and oil heating systems need periodic inspection to assure safe operation.

We’re available 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. for all your heating and AC installation, repair and maintenance needs. If you want to maintain the best temperature for comfort throughout your home, please call Chad’s AC Direct in Montgomery, Alabama @ (334) 234-2211 to schedule a visit today and we’ll gladly assess your equipment and home comfort issues.

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