Three Ways to Use Keywords that will Improve Your SEO Immediately

Kevin Dean – Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Knowing these three ways to use keywords will improve your SEO and make your site stand out from your competition immediately. If you want to see real results in your website’s rankings, take these ideas into consideration.

When studying keywords, there are three concepts to remember:

  • What searchers are keying into the search engine to find what you offer
  • Whether or not, searchers are willing to make a purchase online
  • How many competitors you have for those keywords

You use keywords for three basic purposes, and before you start choosing your keywords, decide on that purpose so you can select the right words.

SEO – the aim is to appear on page one of the search engines.

SEM – the aim is to make money on the words and advertising you pay for.

Marketing with Articles – the aim is attract visitors to view and read what you’ve written.

The process to develop your keywords is the same for each purpose, but you want to know your reasons for the keywords upfront, then you can select the most suitable words.

SEO keywords should be as descriptive as possible. This helps get your site listed as high as possible in the search engine results when someone is looking for what you have to offer. Pinpoint descriptions also reduce the number of competitors. You can see how much competition each keyword has by entering “<keyword>” into Google. The results reveal how many other websites actively use that same keyword.

SEM keywords initially begin with the most logical choices for your site, but then you must analyze your results to see if the words you’ve chosen are truly giving you the best results. Use the special Google Keyword Tool to measure the standard cost per click and see what other sites are using the same keywords and how they’re doing with them.

Articles need to have “long tail” keywords, ideally, with at least three words in each phrase. This can more quickly place them on page one of Google. The number of monthly searches for your keyword phrase should be under 400 a week with only a small number of competitors, for the best results.

After placing your keywords in both the title and the article itself, submit your articles to the top directories such as The more articles you write, the more chances you have to attract readers to your site.

When you learn these three ways to use keywords to improve your SEO efforts and make your site stand out, you can use them immediately to achieve greater results in your online marketing efforts.

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