The Undeniable Power of Local Video Advertising

Here is a great article about use and growth of video for local marketing! To read the whole article by Lauren Masterson click here!

This year, American advertisers will spend an estimated $7.77 Billion on online video advertising,according to eMarketer. While it’s true that a majority of that spend comes from national brands with large budgets, the market for local video advertising is steadily expanding. As production costs sink and methods for effective distribution become more accessible, small businesses around the world are benefitting from the undeniable power of local video.

  • Social Media Increases Brand Awareness

One of the best places for a small business to test the video waters is social media. On the whole, social media is a fast, cheap, and far-reaching tool that is perfectly suited for engaging customers and building brand awareness through video. As video consumption continues to rise (specifically on mobile devices), social platforms are adapting and evolving to keep up with increasing demand. This has created a huge opportunity for small business owners.

Both Facebook and Twitter have recently introduced autoplay options on their respective user timelines, illustrating their commitment to a seamless video integration. This feature has played a major part in Facebook’s rise as a legitimate player in the video hosting space. According to Fortune, Facebook hit 4 billion video views per day in April, matching viewership estimates for industry titan, YouTube. The autoplay feature is great news for small business owners, who can easily utilize Facebook and Twitter video to promote their products and services – whether through organic means or paid advertising.

  • Programmatic Pinpoints the Right Audience

To go above and beyond the call of social media, many local companies are turning to programmatic to pump up their marketing efforts. Programmatic video allows small businesses to reach a niche audience by targeting users who fit their ideal profile, leveraging data like demographics, behavior, purchase habits, and location. As Dave Kerpen said, “Data has the ability to turn us into better marketers. In fact, some of the best in the business are those who use and leverage data to improve their initiatives.”

Programmatic campaigns are also measurable in terms of view-throughs and clicks, which gives advertisers actionable insight into how well their campaigns are working, as well as how they can be optimized to improve results.


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