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The Value of Trees in an Urban Environment

More than half of the world’s population now lives in urban towns and cities. Due to socio-economic factors, this number is only expected to increase. In most situations, the rapid expansion of cities takes place with little if any planning, leading to disastrous consequences for nearby forests and green areas, increasing pollution, and decreasing the…

What Is Root Pruning?

An Overview Of Root Pruning And Why It Helps Tree Health Useful Insights From ISA-Certified Arborists While pruning is a commonly understood term in tree care, most of us may not be aware of what root pruning is and how it helps tree health. Simply explained, it involves pruning roots to minimize potential damage to…


Typical Challenges in Tree and Shrub Maintenance Advice From ISA Certified Arborists Healthy and beautiful landscapes are the result of meticulous planning and care throughout the year. Knowing all the challenges in tree and shrub maintenance will help you plan for additional help in aspects that require special skills, knowledge or equipment. Your Trees And…


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