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WSI Experts help DCG Software Value Increase their Online Visibility via Search Engine Optimization

DCG Software Value is a software consulting company that helps IT departments optimize their software development processes. DCG believes that IT processes should have a quantifiable impact on the bottom line of a business.  A lot of times IT departments waste valuable resources including time and money due to processes that are not structured well…

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

7 Major SEO Mistakes for Your Website

No one likes to make mistakes. At least when we know what they are, we can fix them and learn from them. Unfortunately, with all of the SEO myths out there, it’s hard to know if what you’re doing is a good practice or a bad practice. If you’ve noticed that your website isn’t moving…

How to Create a Marketing Budget for 2017

A new year is just around the corner, which means new sales goals, new customers and new opportunities. In order to continue developing your business, you need a marketing budget that accommodates this growth. The way that many businesses determine their new marketing budget is by assessing what they spent last year and what they…

Internal Linking is Important

Creating a Strong Internal Linking Strategy

Having a strong internal linking strategy is important for your overall SEO strategy. It aids in website navigation, encourages visitors to stay on your website longer and distributes ranking power throughout your site. Though the concept in itself is easy to understand, internal linking is more difficult than it looks. That’s why many businesses struggle…


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