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How To Water Landscaping Trees In San Diego

Follow These Tips From Experienced ISA-Certified Arborists From aesthetic appeal, shade and privacy, to improved air quality and reduced storm water runoff, the trees on your property serve many beneficial purposes. Although California’s chronic drought conditions have caused the death of many urban trees, established trees require surprisingly little water. In fact, with the right…

Smart Irrigation Controllers for Commercial Landscapes

INVEST IN SMART IRRIGATION CONTROLLERS FOR YOUR COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPES COST-FRIENDLY WAYS TO ENJOY BEAUTIFUL LAWNS AND HEALTHY TREES Installing smart irrigation controllers for commercial landscapes has many advantages. From enhancing the health and beauty of your landscape, to reducing water waste and preventing damage to your property, your investment will reap numerous benefits. Petalon’s water…

Proper Watering of Bay Area Landscaping Trees

Droughts are a frequent occurrence in the Bay Area, making care for your landscaping trees a challenge. Your trees provide many benefits, delivering cool shade, improving air quality, controlling water runoff and erosion, and increasing your property value. To safeguard their health and prevent drought conditions from making them vulnerable to pests and diseases, ensuring your trees…

Landscaping Water Saving Ideas 2020

IT’S 2020 – TIME FOR NEW LANDSCAPING WATER SAVING IDEAS! LEARN HOW TO ACHIEVE BEAUTIFUL, WATER-EFFICIENT LANDSCAPES Having battled drought for several decades, Californians appreciate any water saving idea that can help conserve this precious resource. While certain water-conservation aspects have become mandatory due to state and city-specific regulations, there are several other steps you…


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