Stop Defeating Your SEO Efforts with a Lack of Links

Kevin Dean – Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The goal behind search engine optimization (SEO) is to gain a higher ranking for your website in the search engines, particularly Google. If your site doesn’t have backlinks from relevant, high ranking websites, it can cost you search engine and directory rankings. It’s important to stop defeating your SEO efforts with a lack of links.

Building links from other sites will begin almost immediately to raise your web pages’ rankings in search engine results. No longer will your page show up 25th in the results, but you’ll see it in the 10th position, and then—with some hard work and a little luck—your link will move to the number five spot, and then number one! You can develop strong search engine rankings by getting links from relevant high ranking websites to link to you.

Once you understand this concept, it’s time to actually find those links from relevant sites. Here are some ways to do that:

Write and submit articles. Writing a unique, one-of-a-kind, original article for a site that will link back to you through your resource box is a tremendous SEO strategy. This isn’t about reprint articles that go all over the web. This is about a single article written for a single website, never to be used again. Doing this means you haven’t asked for anything in return from the webmaster except your link. And you’re offering a free, original article as incentive.

Someone who can write moderately well can whip up an article in one to two hours. If you can’t then hire a ghostwriter. You can do so for less than the cost of a meal for two and the results are worth every dime. The value of a top notch website publishing your article and linking back to your site in priceless.

Write and submit blog posts. This is another great way to get a backlink, and get your link showing in Google almost immediately since blog posts are indexed very quickly. For fast results, this is a tremendous option.

Leave appropriate comment on blog posts. Visiting the blogs that your target audience reads and leaving relevant, helpful comments on various posts will gain you a number of quality backlinks in short order.

You’ll want to be sure the blogs you choose to comment on allow comments with links, and that they have removed the no-follow attribute so you get link credit for your comments. Every link helps your SEO results so do this often.

In fact, one other aspect of blog post commenting is to comment frequently. More and more blogs are installing a widget to rank their top commentators every month. By having your posts included in such lists, your backlinks are actually doubled. That’s like getting two links for every post.

There are other ways to build backlinks from quality sites that will build your website rankings, but these are a few of the quickest and least expensive methods to sop defeating your SEO efforts with a lack of links that you can start using right away.

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