Still More SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, March 02, 2010

>While we don’t want to over emphasize the mistakes and blunders that can hinder SEO and SEM efforts, there are still a couple more issues to consider when looking at what to avoid to gain the best marketing results for your website or blog.

An Abundance of Images and Animation 

Since the ‘Net is basically a visual arena, some website owners believe the more photographs, images and animation they add, the better the site will be, and the more visitors they’ll attract. In truth, the opposite is more often the case.

From an SEO perspective, it’s difficult to classify websites with little text, simply because search engine spiders can’t read what’s inside all those images. Yes, using alt tags do help, but if the alt tags don’t clearly describe the actual content of the graphic, they lose any value they may have.

Add to that, a website with too many graphics and animations has a much slower load-time—which annoys visitors to no end. And your visually attractive site with all its cute images and animations is probably driving away the very people you’re trying to attract.

Graphics and animation do increase a website’s appeal, but limit their use. Don’t overdo the number or graphics or animations, or use exceptionally large ones. The idea is to invite visitors as well as search engine spiders. Website owners must be vigilant in their efforts to do both.

Lack of Quality, Outbound Links

Another issue that can quickly hinder your SEO efforts is the lack of quality, outbound links. While there are two general philosophies where outbound links are concerned, you must find the middle ground in this all-important SEO strategy. You certainly don’t want to provide links that will take your visitors away from your site and send them straight to your direct competitors. Neither do you want to link to anyone and everyone who asks for a link on your website. Both schools of thought can noticeably hinder your SEO efforts.

Search spiders look at quality, outgoing links as adding value to a site, however. So providing your site visitors with links to other websites offering complementary information on your topic can help your SEO efforts. But do so sparingly! You certainly don’t want to become simply a “link farm” filled with worthless, disconnected, or unrelated links to other sites. That’s worse than having no outbound links at all.

As in most things in life, aim for a balance in your SEO. Provide a limited number of  quality images and animation, as well as valuable links to other quality sites that don’t compete directly with your own. And do so using alt tags and anchor text that benefits your SEO. This provides value for your visitors and let’s the search spiders recognize what that value as your website grows and gains importance in the rankings.



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