Stand Out Online with Good SEO

Kevin Dean – Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The World Wide Web has millions of sites all competing for traffic. It doesn’t matter what sort of business you operate, you can stand out online with good SEO to help visitors better find your site. If you ignore this aspect of your website creation, you’re defeating your own purposes being online and making it much more difficult to succeed. 

A successful site is dependent on many different things. To attract highly targeted traffic you should use long-tailed keywords for instance. However, don’t go overboard. That’s regarded as spamming by the search engines and will only cause you unnecessary problems. 

Creative title tags are a necessity for websites as well, so use them for the best possible optimization. The design of each webpage relies in large part on the correct keyword density. Keywords can be used once per paragraph (depending on its length), and in the title and heading tags for best results. 

Blogs are an extremely popular component of your site since they keep the website alive with constant, dynamic activity. Through the creation of high quality content on a regular basis, your keywords are used far more often. This prevents stagnation and assists in increasing your page rankings. 

As you use good SEO to become more popular in the search engines, be careful that you never attempt “black hat” techniques such as hiding text on a page by making it the same color as the background, shrinking it down so it virtually can’t be seen, using bogus, irrelevant links just to grab visitors who won’t stay, and other, similarly questionable, tactics. Such tricks will tarnish both your reputation and your website when they’re discovered. 

Instead, swap links with other relevant sites which is mutually beneficial in terms of traffic and rankings. Use your blog for added traffic. Submit comments to other blogs. Post on relevant forums. In other words, use proven methods to get new visitors to your site. Doing so will not only attract visitors, but will bring them back again and again. That’s what you inevitably want to happen, after all.



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