Social Media Companies to Watch for in 2015

 2014 was a big year for social media and it has people wondering what’s in store for this year. We can expect to see more social apps coming out; Apple added about 300,000 new apps to the App Store last year alone. The goal of business apps will be to keep people more connected to the brands they love so that they don’t miss out on exciting new products and developments. This is what apps are all about, after all. Keeping people connected to their networks.


Let’s take a look at some social media companies to watch for in 2015. It will be important for you to know which social channels people are using and possibly even expecting you to be on.


Thumb: Thumb has earned high praises for its fun, simple interface and addictive nature. Users with the app can gather hundreds to thousands of opinions from other users on everything from what shirt to wear to what electronic gadget to purchase. The app is available through Google Play or the Apple App Store, and it offers huge potential for brands.


Medium: Medium started off as an invite-only publishing platform that was created by the co-creator of Twitter, Evan Williams. But it has since branched off to be a public platform that lets users create more meaningful content beyond the 140-character Twitter limit. Medium is linked to Twitter.


Chirp: Chirp is a cool, fresh way to share photos, links and other information – using sound. It’s probably best for location-based marketing. Say you own a restaurant that makes some of the best burgers around. When people are nearby your location, you could “chirp” them a photo of a delicious burger.

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Pheed: The attraction to Pheed is that users are able to share text updates, photos, videos and live broadcasts through the app, which is available on iOS and Android. It’s attracting users from Instagram and Vine, and businesses can monetize their Pheeds by charging subscription fees, which could work out well if you high-value content. This channel is similiar to Pinterst except it includes all type of information such as images, videos and webinars. is a great place for small businesses that want to gain followers and increase throught leadership by creating boards of releavant content.
Not all of these platforms will be a good fit for your business, but as you look to expand your social media marketing strategy, these are good places to start.

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