6 Answers You Should Have From Your Customers to Set Yourself Up for Success in 2016

EWWBy: Eric Wiedenmann, President
Market Development Group, Inc.

1. What sets our company apart from the competition?

There are many competitors – you must know and focus on your competitive advantage if you want to survive.

2. Why do customers purchase our product or service?

Your customers have a myriad of alternate choices. You should know the major reasons why they selected you. (features/benefits, price/value, location, relationships, recommendations, etc.)

3. Would you recommend our company?

This is the ‘gut question’ – you need a 90%+ rating to grow your business.

4. What is your perception of our company?

Perception is reality. This will determine if your position is correct and whether or not your branding/messaging is working.

5. How would you rate our company on total value/total cost of ownership – did you get what you paid for?

If you are not rated 8.5 out of 10, your customers may find an alternate source.

6. What can our company do to earn more of your business?

Knowing the Share of Wallet (SOW) that you have and what it takes to cross-sell or penetrate will reduce your selling costs and increase your margins.

A Customer Satisfaction Survey implemented by an independent third party will provide you answers to these critical questions quickly, cost-effectively and objectively.


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