Seasonal Planning for Campaigns

Summer is just around the corner, so it’s almost certain that you’re not thinking about the holidays. This is fine if you’re referring to holiday gifts for nieces and nephews, but it’s not so fine for your seasonal marketing campaigns. In fact, it’s best to start planning for your seasonal campaigns early, usually around six months in advance. And that would put you right about – NOW!

People love to celebrate any holiday. That’s because people look for excuses to cut loose and deviate from their normal schedules. Having a “holiday” to celebrate is the perfect excuse to do exactly that and take no shame. So don’t be afraid to use the holidays to your advantage. Between all the summer, fall and winter holidays we have to enjoy this year, you can easily run sales and specials in lieu of them. Customers on the fence may be pushed just enough to make the purchase, because hey, it’s a holiday.

Just think of all the benefits you have for planning for seasonal marketing campaigns in advance.

  • Effective seasonal campaigns. Too many businesses find themselves scrambling at the last minute. Don’t be one of them. By leaving yourself time, you can put together effective seasonal campaigns that will drive results. 
  • Create a calendar. Not only is the actual promotion important, but so is the hype leading there. Craft content, host a Facebook contest or take an online poll that leads up to the actual promotion or sale of the product. 
  • Optimized shopping cart. The last thing you want is for customers to leave your product in their cart. Use this time to optimize your shopping cart and checkout process. Provide free shipping, make cart items visible at all times, remind customers of abandoned carts and simplify the checkout process. 
  • Make an ebook. Say you want to offer your customers ideas for Halloween costumes. 31 ideas in fact. You have time to create an ebook that customers can download for free or in exchange for an email address. Plus, this makes you look generous and smart. 
  • Alternative landing pages. It’s best to have several variations of your landing pages so that you know which ones work best. By planning ahead, you have time to create different pages and then run them against each other in A/B test experiments. 
  • Put together a contest. Contests are a great way to get people engaged and talking about your brand, but they must be well-thought-out to perform well. With time on your side, you can create a fun contest and set your prizes in advance. You may even find it beneficial to partner with other local businesses to drive engagement.

It’s never too early to start planning for a seasonal campaign. Contact the experts at WSI Net Advantage at 510-687-9737 to learn more about getting your campaigns off to a great start.

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