The Qs to Ask When Considering Marketing Automation for Your Small Business


Are you considering using marketing automation for your business? If so, you probably have a lot of questions. What can you expect from marketing automation? How much will it cost? Is it beneficial for small businesses, too?

Here at WSI Net Advantage, we believe that marketing automation is the best way to make your marketing tasks easier and more efficient. With more time and efficiency, you can save money and focus your attention on other tasks around the workplace.

The key to being happy with your marketing automation software is to choose the right program. In this article, we are going to discuss what marketing automation is, and then take a look at some of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing a marketing automation software platform for your small business.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a type of software that automates various marketing tasks so that companies can operate more efficiently. Some of the tasks that marketing automation software can help with includes customer segmentation, customer data integration and campaign management. Better yet, you can maintain relationships with your customers and provide them with personalized interactions thanks to marketing automation.

How will the software help me track leads?

Wouldn’t it be frustrating to know that all the money you pour into pay per click campaigns, search engine optimization and other forms of digital marketing are wasted? Unfortunately, investing in these marketing tactics can be wasteful if you’re not gathering leads from them.

Marketing automation software should identify “anonymous” visitors. The majority of the people who visit your website won’t fill out your forms, but your automation software can still collect their information, such as emails and phone numbers. This can help you double or triple your lead base!

How does marketing automation score leads?

As you begin to generate more leads, you need to know how your automation platform will keep track of them. Some leads are more important than others (those who are most likely to convert), so these are the ones that you want to focus your attention on. Thanks to marketing automation, you don’t have to do any of the lead scoring. The program will do it on its own, but you should know how it will score them.

Will the program alert shoppers with items in their shopping cart?

Shopping cart abandonment is a big problem for many companies, and it occurs for a number of reasons, i.e., high shipping costs, internet problems or no clear return policy. Marketing automation can help encourage shoppers to follow through with the purchase by sending those with an abandoned shopping cart an email with an incentive.

Can I track offline leads with marketing automation?

Another question to ask is how you can track offline leads with the program. This is especially crucial if you use a lot of traditional marketing tactics to reach your customers. Since these marketing approaches are rather expensive, you want them to be worth the investment. This is why it’s best to choose marketing automation that also tracks leads from incoming phone calls and print campaigns. SharpSpring is a marketing automation program that does detailed campaign tracking that allows businesses to track both online and offline leads. This way, you can optimize your campaigns and obtain insight.

If you would like to learn more about using marketing automation to help grow your business, call WSI Net Advantage today at 510-687-9737 or fill out our contact form and we’ll respond shortly.

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