Prepare Your HVAC for Storms

Tips to Prepare Your HVAC for Storms

Autumn and winter can bring violent, cold storms to Alabama. Chad’s AC Direct offers these tips to prepare your HVAC systems for destructive storms during the last few months of the year:

  • Protect your unit. Many condensing units are not sheltered from the weather. If your unit is exposed to the elements, cover it before the storm hits with an inexpensive air conditioner cover. These covers are relatively cheap, available online, and offer good protection from hailstorms.
  • Install a surge protector. Storms can cause fluctuations in power. A surge protector automatically turns your HVAC system off when an electrical surge occurs, preventing damage to wiring. It’s fine to run your system while it’s raining, but do not operate it if flooding threatens your outside unit – instead, turn off the circuit breaker. This ensures your AC or furnace will not inadvertently turn on during a storm, possibly damaging the coils or fins. If you are serious about protecting your HVAC system during violent storms, consider installing a protection system that includes rods directing any lightning to the ground, bypassing your home’s electrical system.
  • Bolt or strap down your HVAC unit. Hurricane-force winds can tip or even toss an outside condensing unit if it is not properly anchored. Bolt or strap down the unit to the concrete slab below to keep it securely in place.

If a storm inflicts damage on your unit, it’s best to wait until a certified HVAC technician inspects it and tells you the system can be operated safely. Running a system before it can be fixed can make any problems worse. If the unit is exposed to high water, have a technician look it over before using it again.

To take prepare your HVAC for storms – or for repairs, maintenance or installation of HVAC systems – call 334-651-0582 today to schedule a visit by a Chad’s AC Direct technician.

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