Power Design Services Sponsors Spartan Racing Electric

Power Design Services (PDS) is a proud sponsor of San Jose State University (SJSU) electric car racing team.   Spartan Racing Electric (SRE) is comprised of SJSU students from various backgrounds.  The competition team is passionate about alternate energy technology and developing a competitive racing vehicle in a new growing field of electric drive.

SRE competes in the annual Formula SAE which is a competition organized by SAE International.  Formula SAE at SJSU began in 1991 as a senior project for a group of mechanical engineering students.  Since then, it has grown to an annual competition.

The SRA program is mainly supported through sponsorship by local companies.  Tuan Tran, VP of Sales & Marketing at PDS, is a SJSU alumni so it was an easy decision when the SRA contacted him for support.  PDS was able to build some of the electronic assemblies that goes into the SRA racing car.


Originally posted at: https://www.powerdesignservices.com/power-design-services-sponsors-spartan-racing-electric/


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