Turn Anonymous Website Visitors into Qualied Leads

Only 2-3% of your website’s visitors identify themselves, which means you’ll never know who the other 97% are.

Lead Forensic’s Visitor solution solves this problem, enabling B2B small/medium businesses and enterprises to identify ALL anonymous website visitors, increasing new sales opportunities from the companies that are most likely to buy your products and services. Powered by VisiStat’s analytics engine and proprietary technologies, LeadCaster identi!es visitors by company name in real time, and provides other valuable information, including how that visitor found your website (paid or organic search, campaign, etc.). Lead Forensics also shows detailed click path information on each visitor, providing valuable customer intelligence for more personalized sales engagement.

Lead Forensics is fully integrated with Salesforce.com’s® business contact database, providing detailed contact information for the companies that visited your site. Prospecting doesn’t get any easier than that! Lead Forensics also leverages unique technology, which enables you to identify visitors by their e-mail address or other unique identier.

Lead Forensics offers a variety of tools to help manage your newly identi!ed leads, including integration with Salesforce.com to push leads from Lead Forensics directly into Salesforce. Lead Forensics also has its own built-in CRM solution to manage leads for businesses that don’t use a 3rd party CRM. This simple CRM enables each sales rep to schedule a follow up, upload notes, and track the status of each lead from creation to close. – Including win/loss reporting.


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