WSI makes online advertising easy. We have the knowledge and technology to work with all of the major search engines, select keyphrases, optimize your bids, and much more. The bottom line is that you want customers….at an affordable price.
For robust local advertising where you can measure each phone call, form completion and click, we strongly recommend trying WSI Local AdWorks.
For larger area campaigns, or where you wish to experiment more with keyphrases, ads, and landing pages, WSI Net Advantage will be your Pay Per Click Advertising Partner too.
Allow our Google and Yahoo trained professional staff setup and manage your complete campaign with hands-on changes, improvements, and personal communications. Do you have an existing campaign that is not performing as you would like? Let us review it for you! You can even keep your current Internet Marketing professional – just ask for a Pay Per Click Campaign Review!
We handle it all:
  • Keyphrase research – Discover and develop hundreds or thousands of keyphrases for you
  • Competitor analysis – Learn what your competitors are doing!
  • Website review – Find out what a visitor will think about your site…and fix it right away if necessary!
  • Landing page creation – Don’t land on your Home Page – create a focused page directly related to your advertising!
  • Conversion tracking and Analytics – What’s happening on your site? We’ll find out!
  • Reporting – Monthly reports and regular consulting services can be included!
  • Budget Management – Spend what you want, measure what you spend, find out what you earn!
With WSI, we’ll offer you a whole new way of marketing – measureable, reported, and with results. We’ll talk about (and implement) improvements to increase the effectiveness of ALL of your site conversions! We want to be your Internet Marketing resource.
Take advantage of the fastest growing advertising medium in the world. WSI Net Advantage can introduce your business to future buyers and get you immediate sales today!


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